Division of Preventive Medicine In the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

UC San Diego Integrated Cardiovascular Epidemiology Fellowship - T32

Program Leadership

Matthew Allison, MD, MPH, Director

The T32 program provides a unique opportunity for training in preventive and epidemiologic aspects of cardiovascular disease. In this, a major strength is the broad range of interest of the participants. Faculty interests span the spectrum from basic experimental research to the clinical investigation. The ability to interact with individuals with expertise in so many areas has been of great value to me, and of extraordinary value to the trainees. Discussing topics which range from normal human physiology to in patient disease offers an enormous opportunity to both learn and discover.

Bess Marcus, PhD, Co-Director

The T32 program in cardiovascular epidemiology and behavioral medicine offers a uniquely well-rounded program in studying the causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Our faculty mentors include world-renowned experts across the full spectrum of the disease process, from basic sciences to epidemiology to behavioral interventions and clinical trials. Through this integrative training process, trainees receive both a broad foundation in cardiovascular epidemiology, and the opportunity to develop depth of expertise in their area of interest so they can go on to be leaders in a field that is increasingly central to public health.

Michael H. Criqui, MD, MPH, Senior Associate Program Director

The goal of our T32 training program is to train talented students and professionals to become future contributors to and leaders in the field of the epidemiology and prevention of CVD. To this end we have designed a broad-based training program with a diverse and highly qualified faculty in order to bridge a wide range of interests in this discipline. Faculty come primarily, but not exclusively from the UC San Diego School of Medicine and the SDSU Graduate School of Public Health

Executive Committee:

  • Matthew Allison, MD, MPH
  • Michael Criqui, MD, MPH
  • Bess Marcus, PhD

Current Primary Mentors

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